How to seal your Granite countertops or Marble Countertops.

Please follow the steps below for a successful seal of your countertops. Thank you

1.) Please clean your countertops with a mild soap and warm water solution 24 hours to 48 hours before sealing depending on the type of stone. We recommend 8 drops of dawn dish soap mixed with 4 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. The surface must be completely dry before sealing. Depending on temperature and humidity. Drying times may vary.

Please avoid cleaning your countertops with harsh chemical products that contain bleach,lemon, vinegar, ammonia or other acids. These products can stain or etch your countertops causing damage to the surface of the stone that can be permanent.

2.) Please utilize rags and rubber gloves when applying sealer to your countertops. We recommend that you test the sealer in a small area of your countertop before applying it to all of your countertops to double check how it affects the polished surface. If you see any negative change or discoloration. Please remove the sealer and speak to the manufacturer. If everything looks good. Proceed with the next step.

3.) Please spray your countertops with sealer, a section at a time to get equal coverage. Utilizing the folded edge of a rag, lightly, smooth out the sealer on your countertop without removing all of the sealer.

Please wait 15 minutes. Than remove the sealer with a clean terry cloth towel or paper towel, wiping in a buffing motion until it dries. Sometimes, with darker stones you will see a haze on the surface. If so, please spray a little bit of sealer back on the surface and wait 5 minutes. Than remove with a terry cloth or a paper towel and the the haze will go away.

4.) Please do not clean the countertops for 48 hours to allow the sealer to fully absorb and cure into the stone.

It’s best to seal your granite countertops or marble countertops every 6 to 12 months depending on the amount of usage and the color of the stone. We recommend every 6 months for lighter stones and every 12 months for darker stones.

There are many brands of sealers on the market. Please follow the manufacturers instructions first in addition to our guidelines for the best possible results.

Please note. Quartz (engineered stone) is a nonporous material and does not require sealing. Sealer will damage the polished finish on a quartz countertops.

Please note. Some sealers, such as Seal and Enhance have a color enhancer mixed inside the sealer. Please do not use unless you would like the color of your stone changed. The enhancer is designed to deepen or highlight the natural color of the stone.

We recommend applying the sealer and enhancer to a small section on a remnant piece of stone first before applying to your countertops.

Thank you!