Countertops Q Quartz

Countertops from our Q Quartz Color selection have high glamour styles and will last you a lifetime.

Q colors are manufactured using the internationally patented Bretonstone system of Breton S.p.A. Italy.

They are manufactured from over 94% of quartz crystals which is thanks to the exclusive vacuum vibrocompression process.

The process compresses in a compact arrangement

They are a superior quality product for contemporary construction requirements and are all backed by a lifetime residential warranty.

The Q Quartz Lumaluxe collection creates today’s most beautiful natural countertops by enhancing how light interacts with your countertops surface.

Q Premium Natural Quartz also has a large marble looking Collection with veining and movement.

Whether you prefer the subtle elegance of Carrara Marmi or embrace the bolder look of Blanca Arabescato.

Countertops from Q Premium Quartz are a non porous surface that does not require sealing and is highly resistant to staining caused by vinegar, wine and many other products.

They are a non porous surface that is inhospitable to bacteria and by adding a specific additive to the stone mix.

The additive destroys and inhibits growth of bacteria and common mold found in everyday surroundings

Standard slab dimensions are 64″″ x 127″ and are also available in larger sizes up to 78″ x 138″

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